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Dear Ron:

I want to again thank you for introducing me to VM and for your encouragement in working with me to gain better bladder functioning. As you know, I came to you after seeing a gynecologist and then a surgeon, both of whom advised me to have surgical procedures to handle my prolapsed bladder and growing inability to handle my continual need to urinate. The two friends who recommended you to me had more immediate results than I and as you recall, I was initially discouraged that I wasn’t responding as quickly. However, I stayed the course with you and am happy to report that I now have full control over my bladder functioning and in addition, am sleeping much better through the night without the constant need to urinate.

Thank you for your ongoing research and pursuit of VM as a viable course of treatment for such problems. I will certainly recommend you to anyone whom I hear is struggling with similar issues.



I had been hearing miracle healing stories about Ron Mariotti’s work from two very close friends. They both had problems with their bladders and were told by medical doctors that they needed to have surgery. When their problems disappeared I decided to take their advice and even though I wasn’t currently experiencing serious problems with my bladder, seeking his help could prevent more decline.

I am so grateful I found Dr. Mariotti.  He is a gentle man with a brilliant and amazing mind. I love the knowledge and passion he brings to his work. He always spends 3 times longer with me than any of my medical doctors ever did. I love how he explains in detail all the things he knows about my body and what exactly we can do to help me. He sees his work with me as a partnership and I have come to understand the power I have over my own health care. Not only have my bladder symptoms disappeared, Dr. Mariotti has helped me cope with the other chronic illnesses that I struggle with.  He is my primary doctor now and I am living a more healthful life because of him.

Deb  (age 59)

I have had bladder problems since childhood which got worse as I got older - urinary urgency and later a prolapsed bladder.  After seeing many doctors I ended up in the office of a PT who specializes in bladders.  Several treatments later found me much the same, and finally she pulled out a letter and said " I can't vouch for this, but a patient of mine sent me this letter about VM and the amazing results she got.  It couldn't hurt to try."  So, I found myself in the office of Dr. Mariotti.

The treatment was easy, relaxing, but astounding.  Where before each step I took reminded me that I needed to urinate, all of a sudden I could walk, run, exercise without that old familiar nagging.  It was quite miraculous.  I went for a handful of visits and now, several years later, I am still free from the nagging, distressful urge.  Lately my son began to complain of it as well and so he will begin trying VM next month.  Stay tuned!

Julie (age 55)

I used to have stress incontinence when doing strenuous activities. I did not have any problems doing everyday tasks, but I like exercising and I had to stop doing some activities because the leaks kept increasing to the point that pads were not enough.


I have been doing kegel exercises for years and testing done by a physical therapist showed that my pelvic muscles were strong.  However, despite the fact that the pelvic muscles were strong, I kept having leaks when exercising. I consulted with many OBGs and they suggested using a pessary. The pessary worked, but it was very difficult to put in and out and it was very uncomfortable. The next step was having surgery. I did not like this option, it is invasive and the recovery time is at least 6 months.

A friend with a similar problem recommended me to see Dr. Ron Mariotti. I went to the first appointment with some skepticism. To my astonishment, after the first visit, the leaks were reduced significantly to the point that they were manageable with a thin pad regardless of the activity performed.


Thanks to Dr. Mariotti, I can do again the activities that I was not able to do without having significant leaks (jump rope, crossfit, tennis, etc.).


I highly recommend his technique to address stress incontinence.


AT  (age 51)


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Bladder Incontinence