Visceral Synergy

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Functional Medicine Labs


The following are a some of the labs that help in uncovering functional imbalances (click on each lab to read more)...

GI Fx Overview

Urine Neurotransmitter Testing

Clinical Utility of Urinary Neurotransmitter Analysis

Complete Hormone Test

Complete Male Hormone Test






Toxic Core Effects

Comprehensive Thyroid Test

Urine Toxic and Essential Elements

Cyrex Labs:

Array1 - Mucosal Gluten Reactivity Screen

Array 2 - Intestinal antigenic permeability screen

Array 3 - Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity and Autoimmunity

Array 4 - Gluten-Associated Cross Reactive Foods and Foods Sensitivity

Array 5 - Multiple Autoimmune Reactive Screen

Array 6 - Diabetes Autoimmune Reactivity Screen

Array 7 - Neurological Autoimmune Reactivity Screen

Array 7X - Neurological Autoimmune Reactivity Screen - Expanded

Array 8 - Joint Autoimmune Reactivity Screen

Array10 - Multiple Food  Immune Reactivity Screen

Array10-90 - Chemical Immune Reactivity Screen

Array 11 - Chemical Immune Reactivity Screen

Array 12 - Pathogen-Associated Immune Reactivity Screen

Array 14 - Mucosal Immune Reactivity Screen

Array 20 -Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability Screen

Array 22 - Irritable Bowel / SIBO Screen

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