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Menstrual  & Miscarriages

Menstrual Pain


After suffering two miscarriages and testing, which could not provide any information to indicate what was wrong, I decided to drive to Seattle from Portland to see Dr. Mariotti.

 My first visit was very interesting to discover my uterus was pulling to the left & my ligament of Cleyet was severely restricting my right fallopian tube. After that first visit I knew this was good for my insides.

A follow-up visit a few months later provided a surprising result as well—I had very long cycles following my second miscarriage (45 days or so) and the day after my follow-up Dr. M centered my uterus again I started my menses right at 28 days! It definitely released my body.

I’ll make sure to update this ‘testimonial page’ if we get pregnant again.

Angie (31)


After my first visceral manipulation session with Dr. Mariotti, in December, my period came as normal - 28 days after the miscarriage. With previous miscarriage, in July, it came 6 weeks later. Interesting!?


I've now had 2 periods, one more after our 2nd visceral session together. There have been noticeable changes, to the effect that no longer do they take forever to start. They used to start in drips & drabs for a few days, with brownish blood first, whereas now they come in fast & fresh. Before I would get a dull ache in my sacrum, now I just feel a muscular cramping sensation in the uterus, and either that day or a day later it starts in full force. A full, fresh bright red bleed for 4 days. Before it would start & stop, 2 days full'ish, & drips & drabs the rest of the time.


As the German's say; "This is good ya!?". Feels different, feels great! My internal pelvis has a lot more sensation in general - pulsation & heat being the main ones, and blood flow is bright red, fresh and fuller.


So, I'm very grateful!

Thank you,


Andrea (age 40)


For the last twenty years I have experienced unusual reoccurring vaginal infections including yeast, Staphylococcus aureus and Group B streptococcus (strep). Along with these mysterious infections, over the past six years I began to have increasingly painful menstrual cycles with intense prolonged cramping for three or four days each month. Each month I would dread the arrival of my period as the pain and pain medication would impact my ability to work and sleep. Over the last 12 years since moving to Seattle, I have worked on these frustrating issues diligently with no success. Treatments included multiple rounds of antibiotics, garlic and boric acid vaginal suppositories, castor oil packs, food elimination, pH testing, supplements, acupuncture and more! Over the years I have spent significant time, energy and money to try to find solutions to these issues. Each visit to the naturopath would again confirm the return of vaginal infections and no relief from cramps.


On my first visit for Visceral Manipulation Dr. Mariotti, in addition to treating me with visceral manipulation, determined testing that would be beneficial to get information to inform treatment of my situation. Within a month I was being treated for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth and was seeing positive changes in my digestion. I received visceral massage focused on my left side where pain originated from each month and Dr. Mariotti created a nutritional plan based on my test results.


I have been seeing Dr. Mariotti monthly for a year now and my vaginal infections are gone ---without the use of antibiotics—and I have been retested twice! This is the first time I have ever been clear of infection for this length of time. I am hopeful that I will now be infection free and am free from the frustration that was part of this journey. My menstrual cramps have decreased to the point where I now usually have pain on one day of my cycle. The pain is less and I am able to function at work and limit pain medication.  I am amazed at the progress that has been made in such a short time on issues that I thought I would have to deal with long-term. I am so grateful to Dr. Mariotti for his expertise, visceral manipulation and Dr. Mariotti's thoughtful care and informed treatment planning.


Linda (age 44)



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