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Chronic EBV Infection - 25+ Years

My treatment by Dr. Mariotti has been nothing short of life changing.  I was referred to Dr. Mariotti by my naturopath who had tested me and found that I had an active and chronic Epstein Barr virus (EBV).  Something I had likely contracted 25+ years prior when I had a bad case of mononucleosis.


I had felt tired and had a very delicate immune system for years, but after seeing one Dr. after another to get to the root of what was going on, I had no answers and a fist full on anti-depressant prescriptions-which was the only solution offered.  I had given up on every feeling better and just moved on with my life-which I now clearly see was half a life.


When my naturopath found the EBV, I was ready to hit it full force.   She spoke extremely highly of Dr. Mariotti and his work in IV therapy.  Because of time and money constraints I also did some checking around-but once I spoke with Dr. Mariotti on the phone I knew he was the physician that I wanted to work with-and it turned out his prices were by far the best.  I booked 10 IV appointments and started seeing him twice a week.


After we began working together Dr. Mariotti wanted to run another test.  He felt pretty strongly that there was more to my disease as almost everyone gets EBV but their immune systems kick it out.  After running the test he found the answer-I had two parasites that were trashing my immune system so that I had no chance of overcoming the EBV – or much else.  His instinct about this I feel made an enormous difference in how quickly I began to feel better.


There is no way to describe getting your health back.  Those working with chronic fatigue know how much of life one misses out on.  How commitment phobic you become because of fear you will not have the energy to follow through on plans.  How your friends begin to count on you “flaking out”.  How your day is structured around the possibility of an energy crash.  My world had gotten pretty small because of my health.


That was the old me.  The woman writing this just finished traveling around Italy for two weeks with her family-and I was fully present the entire time.    I didn’t miss a thing.  Not only did I not have one energy crash- I didn’t even fear that I would.


I am a 43 year old woman who wakes up every day excited about the next 43 years-and am more grateful than I can put into words.