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Infertility - 37 year old female

Infertility - 28 year old female

In 2011 I was in a high speed, rear-end accident and suffered from chronic pain, fatigue and other health issues.  I went to doctors of every type and nothing relieved my symptoms.  I heard about visceral manipulation from my physical therapist and reluctantly decided to give it a try.  Upon meeting Dr. Mariotti, he was very professional, compassionate and explained the process thoroughly, putting me at ease.  A few days after the treatment I started to feel better and after my second treatment I felt fabulous. Soon after seeing Dr. Mariotti I was able to regain my active lifestyle.  I also believe that visceral manipulation helped me to conceive very quickly after deciding to become pregnant.  I highly recommend visceral manipulation.


Kim (age 37)



As a healthy, active 28 year old I was shocked that we were suffering from infertility. My husband and I went through all of the standard testing and everything came back completely normal. We even sought treatment from a well renowned fertility clinic but had a terrible side effects from the medications and had an overall bad experience.


My acupuncturist and naturopath helped make the connection to my lifelong history of painful periods and urged me to see Dr. Mariotti. I had two very productive sessions just a week apart. Dr. Mariotti was kind, gentle and intuitive.


My uterus was fused to my colon with endometrial tissue and was tilted to the left- something that standard fertility testing and treatment would never pick up on or address but was definitely the root of my issues. As warned, my period following treatment was extra painful as my body was working out the changes. Then, I was surprised and shocked to find out that I was pregnant just the next cycle.


The cost of Visceral Manipulation is nothing compared to the cost of IUI & IVF rounds, which were what the fertility clinic was recommending for us. Not only that, but they would not have even been effective considering the root of my problem. Visceral Manipulation was a painless, easy fix that will have lifelong results for me. I will definitely be back throughout my pregnancy and afterwards to make sure that everything remains on par.


I am obviously so grateful to have found Dr. Mariotti; we are very lucky to have such an expert in this field in our area.