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IV Vitamin C Therapy

The use of vitamin C as a cytotoxic agent is not new.  Many doctors such as Linus Pauling have successfully utilized this therapy.  Vitamin C taken orally cannot achieve high enough serum levels to be cytotoxic (kills cells) thus the use of intravenous therapy is necessary.


Intravenous means to administer through a catheter directly into the vein.  Therapeutic dosages of 50-100 grams have been used.  It is impossible to consume that dose through an oral route.  Generally people will experience diarrhea at does anywhere from 2000 mg to 10,000 mg (2-10 grams) depending on their tolerance and tissue saturation.


When vitamin C is given through IV no diarrhea occurs.  Serum levels of 200-400mg/dl must be maintained for therapeutic results to be achieved, preferably closer to 400mg/dl.  Oral routes cannot guarantee a constant serum level.  Vitamin C given through IV lends itself to controlling this vital variable in order to ensure cytotoxic levels within the blood.


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