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Right Shoulder Pain & Gallbladder

Chronic "Tennis Elbow"

Hip Range of Motion

"I have suffered from chronic shoulder pain for a number of years but I always related it to my history of several auto accidents and a ski injury.  I took NSAIDs until my stomach couldn't tolerate any more, used heat and received regular therapeutic massages, all of which provided only temporary relief.  But the pain always returned.  I also had a history of chronic heartburn, which I finally related to my chronic NSAID use and gallstones.  After being frustrated with the traditional medical practitioners telling me to just continue taking antacids I decided it was time to try some other type of medicine.  This was difficult for me as a seasoned RN who always supported traditional medicine.  I saw my first Naturopathic Dr. who referred me to Dr. Ron for Visceral Manipulation for my chronic heartburn after some very different lab tests has revealed a number of food sensitivities.  I was skeptical but made an appointment.  I was impressed at the first visit when Dr. Ron was able to tell me where my discomforts were by just a light hands-on exam before we even discussed my symptoms.  He did some deep manipulations and told me I would feel achy and tired later that day but should feel better in the morning.  I had to go to work and by the end of my shift I was so tired and achy all over so went home, turned up the electric heating blanket and slept heavily.  When I awoke the next morning my shoulder pain was not just better, but it was gone!  The pain was referred pain from my gall bladder and the manipulation eased the congestion.  Now I get treatments every 3 or 4 months and this maintains a pain free shoulder."


Carol, (age 63)


I was referred to Dr. Mariotti for abdominal pains that had persisted, intermittently, for some ten years. No physician had been able to form a clear diagnosis, despite scans and tests. Ulcer, hiatal hernia, even deep muscle pulls, had all been proposed, but treatments had proven ineffective – and at the time of my referral, I was suffering from a chronic period of unexplained pain. On my first visit to Dr. Mariotti, he examined me carefully, and became convinced that the problem stemmed from a restriction in the gallbladder. I was unsure – and I had never experienced visceral manipulation, so was concerned that the physical “massage” work he performed on the area would have little effect. You can imagine my surprise when the week following my visit was remarkably pain-free. After each of a number of return visits I felt new, dramatic improvements. I have now lived largely pain-free for some two years. Further, during our course of treatment, I mentioned to Dr. Mariotti that I had suffered for nearly three years from chronic tennis elbow in both arms. He concluded upon investigation that I was experiencing a form of nerve compression; two days of treatment, and the condition was virtually healed! I have been using my arms, exercising, lifting heavy objects, for over a year now, in a manner impossible for me for three years. Dr. Mariotti’s diagnostic acumen and sensitivity to the body make it possible for him to identify and treat ailments that most medical approaches neither properly identify nor effectively treat!


Stuart (age 50)


I am a 60 year old woman with severe osteoarthritis in both hips. Although my MRI shows me to be "bone-on-bone", I don't have much pain. I came to see Dr. Mariotti for an abnormal gait where I lurch to the left as I walk. I have been to see every kind of doctor possible to treat my gait. Dr. Mariotti was the only one to figure out that I had a fascia restriction in my left hip cutting of the blood supply to the femoral artery running down my leg. He also treated me for what he described as a torsion in my disc in my spine between L3 and L4. I had no idea anyone could even address this manually! My normal doctor had said I might need surgery but Dr. Mariotti has been able to improve my mobility in this area as well.


Joan (60 years old)


Musculoskeletal Pain