Visceral Synergy

it's not just about living, it's about living better.


Dear Dr Mariotti,


I want to thank you for you help.  After my craniotomy for brain cancer I was not only in pain I was very dizzy. The pain was managed with drugs but there was nothing that could help with the dizziness. My doctors threw all the drugs they could think of at me but nothing made the dizziness better. In fact, some of the drugs made the dizziness worse.


I made an appointment to see Dr. Mariotti for visceral manipulation and felt immediately better after my first visit. Prior to my first appointment for visceral manipulation with Dr. Mariotti I had honestly begun to think; “Pain I can manage but this dizziness will drive me crazy”.


Not only did the dizziness subside but the pain also diminished and I no longer needed any medication.  I have been medication free ever since.


One of the medications I was on for dizziness cost $3,000 for a ten-day supply.  If I were an insurance company I would be very interested in this alternative to drugs given all their adverse side effects. As a patient I am so very very great full for visceral manipulation.


Anna (age 41)