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I would like to express my great appreciation for the work that Dr. Mariotti has performed both on me and my 6 year old son.

I have seen Dr. Mariotti over the course of the last several months for severe and chronic migraine headaches that often occurred for more than 10 days a month, and related head and neck injury symptoms.  At this time I am almost completely headache free and believe that this is because of the amazing work done by Dr. Mariotti.  In addition, I have increased energy and vitality and would go as far as saying that I feel about 10 years younger.

Even more miraculous was the experience I witnessed with my son.  He had been experiencing allergic reactions and sensitivities to a wide variety of things ranging from chlorine, to pollen and animals, particularly cats.

After one session with Dr. Mariotti his symptoms completely disappeared.  We now have 2 cats and Max swims twice a week in a heavily chlorinated pool.  Neither of those would have been possible in the past.

I can't say enough about how I feel in regard to  Dr. Mariotti's work. and how it is of tremendous value for stimulating the healing process and maintaining a state of health and well being.

Dagny (age 47) and son (age 6)

Although my 12 month old was thriving physically (highest percentiles), as well as smart and social, he still had behavioral issues that I knew were the result of some underlying discomfort. Practically since birth we were dealing with unpredictable mood swings, excessive sweating, head banging tantrums with no discernible cause, sleep issues and a general discontent that was inconsistent with his true loving nature. We went through a few doctors in those difficult 12 months before finding one who actually believed us and recommended visceral manipulation.

My son was better before we had even left the office from our first visit to Dr. Mariotti. By the end of the session the anxiety, crankiness and constant movement had stopped. I watched him lie calmly to receive his second treatment (his entire body still for the first time since birth). He then fell into a deep and sound sleep instead of the tantrum that usually follows anything involving a car seat. His progress since our first session has been remarkable.


Wick (14 months)

Dear Dr. Mariotti;

I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given Tess (age 7).  I’ll never forget the almost ecstatic way she danced and sang around our house after her first adjustment by you, nor how last time we saw you she said “thank you mommy to me” over and over the whole 1.5 hours drive to your office.

Since she began seeing you her ability to concentrate and focus and her level of joy have all climbed exponentially. In August she tested below grade-level enough to qualify for a personal aide.

Six months later her 1st report card declares she is working at or above grade-level.

With help from you, and changes to her diet my daughter is exhibiting signs of a profound recovery from seizures and Spectrum issues.

Mere words cannot convey our family’s gratitude.

With much love, Annie

Dr. Mariotti is a gifted practitioner that fortunately was recommended to us shortly after our first daughter was born. Various complications in birth led caused us to seek a skilled craniosacral therapist and we felt so fortunate to have her in the healing hands of Dr. Mariotti.  His knowledge and intuitive nature helped our daughter have a healthy, successful beginning after a very traumatic start.  It was amazing to watch the stillness with which she accepted his treatment at such a young age.  Her body became rested and calm as she responded to his treatments.

As her medical needs changed through toddlerhood (bumps, bruises, allergy related issues) we continually sought treatment from Dr. Mariotti. He is an important part of her continual wellness as she grows into a lively young girl.

Mother of 6 year old Berkley

The first year of our daughter's life was very challenging in the sense that she only slept one night the entire year without waking up. When she woke up, the only thing that would calm her and get her back to sleep was breast feeding. The problem was that this occurred all night long, often multiple times in an hour. At about 6 months we tried to move her to the crib but it simply did not work: after nearly three weeks of trying, we gave up because she was so agitated and seemingly only getting more so. Then at 9 months we transitioned her to sleep with me, her father, in order to get mom some sleep. What we found was that she was very agitated in her body all night long. She would wake up, fling her head back, scream and cry, flop all over the bed and basically be unable to get herself back to sleep. She woke everyone in the house up, so no one was getting a good night's sleep including her. She also was not napping so we had a very cranky and unhappy girl, who was in severe pain during the night, every night. We consulted a variety of sleep specialists, but nothing worked.

In desperation and at the end of our rope, we arranged to have two visceral manipulation sessions when our daughter was about 13 months old. The night of the first session she woke up several times, screaming, through the night. But the second night something changed: the agitation was less intense, she slept better and when she woke up she just turned over and went back to sleep. The same thing occurred after the second session a week later: her sleep was more restless that night but then she was more settled and able to sleep deeper throughout the night. Now, about a month after the second session, she is sleeping all night long. Getting her to sleep can still be a challenge, she usually wakes up earlier than we would like and only naps in the car or stroller, but she is sleeping at night! Viceral manipulation was the only method that worked with our daughter, and now she is getting about 10 unbroken hours of sleep on most nights. It has been nothing short of a miracle.

Thank you so much.

"My daughter has struggled with digestive issues since she was an infant. As a newborn she would scream for hours every night. We continually sought help for her. We were given prescriptions for Zantac and told she was probably lactose intolerant. Finally, at the age of 9, a friend referred us to Dr. Mariotti. He was able to immediately identify some issues and begin work to help our daughter.  It has been a very positive experience working with Dr. Mariotti and in just one appointment received more care and answers than in the previous 9 years of doctor’s appointments. I appreciate that he treats the body as a whole and not just individual symptoms."


Beth (mother)


My 6 year old daughter was suffering from very runny stools, debilitating car sickness, fear and anxiety and she fainted 3 times within a year. I was getting very concerned about her, I knew that all the symptoms were related. I thought, If I could get her stools formed, which they never were, then her overall health would improve. We tried an elimination diet, probiotics, hypnotism, strain counterstrain, fiber, probiotics, etc. nothing worked.


After one session with Dr. Mariotti, It’s crazy, but she was cured! She had two Visceral Manipulation sessions, one year ago and she continues to have solid stools, she rarely has motion sickness and she hasn’t fainted since. I am so grateful for Dr. Mariotti and his practice!


Vivian (7 years old)