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Pelvic Pain

Intense Pain from Ovarian Cysts

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Left Ovary Pain

A few months back I was experiencing intense pain on my right side.  After an ultrasound, I was told I had cysts on my ovaries that were activated around my cycle.  The treatment plan was to get on birth control pills or have my ovaries removed.  I wasn’t interested in either of those options so I called Dr. Ron.  I have been seeing him for over a year for a digestive issue.


He also helped me with my bladder so I thought I might as well ask.  He said that visceral manipulation could definitely be a helpful option and it was great.  After two session, I had no more pain and it hasn’t returned.


What I learned is – it never hurts to ask – it’s amazing how our bodies want to heal themselves – they just need a little encouragement from Dr. Ron.


Debe (47)

Two and a half years ago, I started experiencing intense, constant burning pain in my groin area and inner thighs. After two trips to the emergency room within a week, I began a months-long search for diagnosis and relief. I saw family medicine doctors, urologists, a pain specialist, and a neurologist. After undergoing a CT scan, an MRI, a cystoscopy and a course of antibiotic and drug treatments, no diagnosis was forthcoming– there were only the things it wasn’t - prostatitis, bladder cancer, nerve damage, tumors, muscle tear, VD, etc. Eventually I found an ayurvedic doctor who made some diet and supplement suggestions that offered some relief, but the pain remained intense enough that I still needed to take a small dose of narcotics every day. My pain was managed but no relief was forthcoming.


Flash forward two years - I was discussing my health with a local naturopathic doctor and began describing my history and type of pain to him. Unlike any other doctor I had talked to up to that point, he understood the type of pain I was experiencing and could describe it for me – the was first time this had happened in all my conversations with doctors. I was used to seeing confused or questioning looks and no more. He said, “I think I know someone who can help you…”, and that’s how I was introduced to Dr. Mariotti and visceral synergy.


After the initial visit to Dr. Mariotti, I noticed immediate effects and relief. After 4 months, I can say that the pain is 80-90% lower on any given day than it has been in the preceding two years – I expect it to be completely gone within a few months if not sooner.


I would describe Dr. Mariotti’s technique as firm, but gentle - as well as scientific but intuitive. I would also say, as someone who is typically skeptical of “non-traditional” treatment that I cannot argue with the results and very real relief from experiencing pain for 2 plus years.


I cannot recommend Dr. Mariotti highly enough – especially to anyone who has chronic pain, which other doctors have failed to diagnose.


John (age 51)

Over three years ago, my uterus ruptured during the birth of my son and I nearly bled to death. When I woke up from emergency surgery the surgeon told me that although they saved my life they couldn’t save my uterus and so my journey to healing began.


I have had chronic pain ever since in the area of my left ovary and after going to countless doctors and the ER, I was told to have my fallopian tubes and ovaries removed. I did not want to have another surgery!


The pain and discomfort was something I learned to live with and I didn’t realize how miserable I had become. It wasn’t till I met with Dr. Mariotti and in two visits he was able to move my ovary to what felt to me as a higher more comfortable position.  It also seemed that he must have released the scar tissue surrounding it.


I also did not realize that my small intestine had been comprised due to the surgery and my chronic back pain was also tied to my uterine surgery.  All of these details Dr. Mariotti shared with me as he evaluated and worked with my viscera (organs).


I woke up the next day feeling better than I had in years. I couldn’t believe I spent an entire day without any discomfort particularly in my ovary. I am still in amazement that just by seeing Dr. Mariotti for two visits, and receiving visceral manipulation, Dr. Mariotti was able to resolve my ovary pain and other physical pains and discomfort.


I will never forget him!


Suzy (45)