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Multiple Pelvic Prolapse

After my second baby was born, I had a dragging feeling in my pelvis and an urgency to urinate. I was diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse, a cystocele and rectocele, which I had never heard of before. When I found out that there is no cure, except for surgery, which often does not work and has terrifying side effects, I was devastated. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me, I am young and healthy. Then I started googling and fell into a state of depression. I found that my gynecologist was no help and decided I would try any alternative treatments I could find, and surgery would be my last resort.


I found Dr. Mariotti on youtube speaking on pelvic health. I made an appointment and he made me no promises, since I was still nursing and only 7 months postpartum. At this time I also started physical therapy with a pelvic health specialist, and was learning posture and movement from the whole woman program, and began a new supplement regime.


After my first visit with Dr. Mariotti, my symptoms seemed to improve 80% and it seemed like my body felt more like my own, I’m not sure if it makes sense, but I also lost the extra baby weight. This all happened almost immediately, It felt like a miracle!


Before I went for visceral manipulation, I could barely walk around the block or take a shower without feeling rundown. Now, I am able to hike and take care of my children, with very little problem. I have some bad days, usually around my menstruation and I'll always be working to maintain my pelvic health, but over all, I am much improved and so grateful! I can’t recommend Dr. Mariotti enough, actually I recommend him all the time, I have sent many family members and friends to him.


I don’t want to give a false hope, it may not work for everyone, but I do want this testimonial to be a light in the darkness.



Grace (36 years old)


Pelvic Prolapse