Visceral Synergy

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“It is the providence of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen”.


Oliver Wendell Holmes

I am excited to announce the release of the second of my 4 CDs!


In each CD I will be leading you on an amazing journey through the various layers of tissue associated with that particular organ.

If you are interested in hearing a 16 minute clip scroll down.

Each track is dedicated to one particular organ. In this first CD titled  A Guided Layered Palpation of the Pelvic Organs and Structures I will be guiding you through the organs associated with the thoracic cavity. This first project is a set of three CDs with a total of 6 tracks.


Disc 1

1-Pelvic Hard Frame and structures

2-Bladder and structures


Disc 2

3-Uterus, Ovaries and structures

4-Prostate and structures


Disc 3

6-Rectum and structures

7-Plexi and structures


This set of three CDs has been professionally produced and is packaged in a beautifully designed case.


On the inside of the beautifully designed wallet you will find the following description:


In each of these layered palpation's I will guide you through the various layers of tissue and structures associated with a particular organ within the pelvic cavity.  They are, in essence, “visceral meditations”.


Each “visceral meditation” is set to soothing music, the goal of which is to help enhance your learning as it balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  This allows you to listen and feel through the various layers without a lot of mental chatter.


Give yourself permission to feel everything!  Some of these are very subtle layers of tissue and require you to use your wonderful ability to visualize. If you struggle feeling a structure please, do not get stressed by this but play and allow yourself the space to feel… even when you doubt yourself.  Allow yourself the space to feel things completely new and different.


The first time you listen to a track do so with an anatomy book in front you.  Visualize and imagine your hand feeling these various tissues. Then, the second time you go through this experience do so with your hand on a person.


Most importantly, have fun with this!


On the inside of the wallet you will find the following:


The receptors in your hands are exquisitely sensitive to many different types of information; temperature, vibration, pressure, and pain.  Collectively, this information is delivered to the brain where a memory of the experience is stored.  If this is a new sensation the information is added to the collection of stored neural memories for future access.


When you place your hands on the surface of someone’s body, on their skin, you are immediately accessing stored information of “what skin feels like”.  The skin is connected to the superficial and deeper layers of fascia as well as to the organs, the bones, and the neurovascular structures.  So, with your hands you can feel ALL of the body, via the skin.


As you are guided through the layers of tissue via the skin, you are accessing these stored memories and creating new ones.  As you go through these layered palpations it will serve you well to use your imagination, your mind’s profound powers of visualization, to help inform and train your hand and your mind.  This is where using an anatomy text will help you.


During these “visceral meditations” if you struggle feeling a tissue take in a deep breath and allow your mind to play, give it the space it needs and it will amaze you!

If you are interested in hearing a 16 minute clip from my new CD titled A Guided Layered Palpation of the Pelvic Organs and Structures...please click here.

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