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Rectal Prolapse

It was after suspecting I suffered from a rectal prolapse that I saw Dr. Mariotti’s ad for visceral manipulation in the PCC newsletter.  It referred to bladder prolapse, but I still called.  He made no promises, and I figured I had nothing to lose.  The thought of the surgical “fix” offered by the medical community was too unpleasant to consider.

We’ve had significant success in the past year – no cure yet, so I still see Dr. Mariotti once a month.  But I know my situation will eventually correct itself with continued treatment.  I now sleep through the night after drinking several glasses of water before bedtime.  Bladder improvement wasn’t even on my list.  I figure, if the bladder can go back to its youthful state, the rectum can too.

Karen (age 67)

Rectal Prolapse