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Sinusitis & Facial Pain

Chronic Sinusitis & Fatigue

9 Years of Facial Pain

I was referred to Dr. Mariotti by my ND for chronic sinusitis, fatigue and a compromised immune system.  As a women in my early 40's I knew I needed to get my health in order sooner than later.  So, I was excited to work with Dr. Mariotti.  Working with Dr. Mariotti has been life changing.  More things than I expected came out that needed work within my body.  I was open to his work and his healing energy.  I found myself recreating “me”.  My body started to work in line with it's natural rhythm and I noticed a calmness about me.   My physical and emotion energy improved and it has helped me become more clear about my path in life.


Chronic sinusitis has been a long term condition for me since grade school and healing has been a process, but I am healing each day and feel a benefit with the work Dr. Mariotti has done. My MD doctors said there wasn't anything else they could do for me even after a sinus surgery.  I am so grateful to my ND for referring me to Dr. Mariotti.


I am also grateful to know such a wonderful doctor who helps others each day.  Thank you Dr. Mariotti for everything you do in our world.


Rachel (41)

My journey with Trigeminal Neuralgia began in 2005.  It began with jaw pain and intermittent facial pain at the left eye tooth position. (My left eye tooth must be the most examined and x-rayed tooth in the world because it was believed my pain originated there.)  My pain, electrical in nature, searing.  The kind of pain that could bring me to me to my knees.  This began at the left eye tooth and radiated through the left cheek, up around the left eye, through the left temple to the top of the head.  Pain intensity and duration varied but it would be so severe at times I would be in bed for days.  When a flare-up would occur, which happened many times a day,  I was unable to chew food, smile, talk, laugh, brush my upper left teeth, or clear my left nostril.  The pain intensity varied.  The pain was totally unpredictable and there was no way of knowing what would set it off.  I had an MRI two years ago to rule out other issues.


I have tried many therapies to relieve the pain.  For each of the following therapies I have  had many sessions:


Holistic dentist built ugly splints and guards, which he adjusted over 2 year period to realign my jaw which worsened my facial pain

Acupuncture treatment, sometimes 2 times per week for 3 years.

Psychological counseling

Spiritual and paranormal counseling.


Craniosacral therapy

Massage therapy, primarily upper back and cervical area, which helped the most


Physical therapy

Visceral Manipulation

Qi Gong

Tai Chi

Egoscue Therapy by Peter Egoscue



All of these therapies helped for a short time but did not heal the pain. The most hope I have had in 9 years is with Dr. Mariotti’s work.  After 4 or 5 sessions I began to experience long periods of complete freedom from pain lasting 20+ hours.  I experienced pain primarily in the morning for an hour or less, then it would subside and be gone for most of the day.


As time goes by the frequency, duration and intensity of the pain continues to lessen.  The 24 hour vice-like jaw clenching is subsiding, which has taken visible tension from my facial appearance.  Dr. Mariotti has shown me techniques I can use to break up the pain when it occurs.   I have had several pain free days.  When you have lived with such unbearable pain for as long as I have there are no words to describe what “pain free” feels like.  This feeling of being pain free has more of a permanence to it, like something has shifted back into place in my body.  I am very hopeful of being completely pain free in the near future.


Ann (age 75)