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New - Naturopathic follow up appointment

Naturopathic Follow-Up Appointment

What to Expect

During your follow-up naturopathic visit, we will evaluate the progress you have made in integrating the treatment plan. It is also during this time that we will discuss any obstacles to your healing and, if needed, tweak the plan accordingly to help you achieve an optimum state of wellness.

If there is something about your treatment plan that is not working for you, please let me know at this time, so that we can change the plan to fit your needs.

Follow-up treatment will last about 45 minutes.

Visceral Manipulation Follow-Up Appointment

What to Expect

The goal of visceral manipulation is to improve the mobility of your organs, which is directly correlated with the function of those organs. Remember, “An organ in good function has physiological motion.”

Please be aware, the goal of visceral manipulation is not remove adhesions. If you are suffering from visceral adhesions, as a natural consequence of optimum organ mobility these adhesions will, over time become inconsequential. 

The most effective and efficient way of achieving the goal of visceral manipulation is to maintain a singular focus on delivering a clear message to the body, as well as between the organs and the brain. For this reason, less is more with this kind of treatment. Simply spending extra time doing more things, and more treatment does not ultimately achieve the goal of optimum health and wellness.

The frequency of treatment and space between treatment sessions is dependent on numerous factors:

  • The type of restrictions you are presenting with.
  • The organs involved.
  • The chronic nature of these restrictions.
  • Your history of trauma and/or nutritional deficiencies.
  • Lifestyle choices that positively or negatively affect the health of the terrain (your body).
  • The health of your microbiome, the symbiotic organisms that live on and in every nook and cranny of your body.

Follow-up treatment will last between 20-25 minutes.

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