Virtual Healthcare Consultation

What to Expect

If you simply live too far away from my home office (Ashland, Oregon or Seattle, Washington), this may just be the type of appointment for you!

During an initial telehealth visit (Zoom), we will do everything that would occur within a normal, face-to-face, first-office visit, other than the physical exams, bioimpedance analysis (BIA), and visceral manipulation.

The initial telehealth consultation will last about one hour.

The follow up telehealth consultation will last about 45 minutes. 

How to Prepare for your Initial Telehealth Consultation

In preparation for your telehealth appointment, it will be even more important that you provide clear and detailed responses on the intake forms.

About one week after the session, I will send you a summary of the session including my recommendations, which may include various functional medicine tests.

Functional medicine tests are designed to help uncover any underlying metabolic and biochemical causes of your particular issues, and will help me tailor a treatment plan specifically to fit your unique needs.